Migration Gateways and
In-chassis Modules

Migration Solutions

Migration Solutions

Our solutions allow you to upgrade your control systems in phases. You no longer have to schedule enough downtime to do an entire rip and replace. If you need to upgrade your legacy PLCs, DCS systems, Allen-Bradley® RIO drives, DH+™ RIO PanelViews™ or Flex I/O Adapters to newer equipment, you need ProSoft Technology’s migration gateways and in-chassis modules for ControlLogix®, specifically designed for Rockwell Automation® control architectures.

Remote I/O and DH+ Migrations
Legacy PLC Migrations
Legacy DCS Migrations

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Remote I/O™ and DH+ Migrations

The EtherNet/IP™ to Remote I/O or DH+ Gateway (AN-X2-AB-DHRIO) is designed to help customers initiate a phased migration when replacing or upgrading legacy DH+ and Remote I/O PanelViews, RIO Drives or Flex I/O Adapters. The gateway can also be used to upgrade PLC-5® and SLC™ Remote I/O and DH+ systems. This gateway has multiple operating modes including Remote I/O Scanner, Drive, HMI, DH+ and Remote I/O Adapter.

Note: Now supports DH+ migrations on SLC networks. Some PLC code change may be required see TN143269-001 DH+ to EIP PV Migration for SLC networks.pdf for more information.

Other RIO Migration Solutions


Legacy PLC Migrations

ProSoft offers a number of migration gateways and in-chassis modules, all allowing you to upgrade in phases when replacing legacy controllers with an Allen-Bradley PAC. The gateways allow your new PAC to control your existing I/O including Texas Instruments™ Remote I/O (AN-X-TI), Modicon® 800 series (AN-X-MOD), Square D® Remote I/O (AN-X2-SQD) or GE Genius™ I/O(AN-X2-GENI). Our Siemens® Industrial Ethernet Module for ControlLogix (MVI56E-SIE) allows Allen-Bradley PACs to interface with Siemens S7™-200, S7-1200, S7-300 and S7-400 PLCs. The Modbus Plus® Module (MVI56-MBP) allows ControlLogix users to connect directly on Modbus Plus networks as a peer. And, the GE Ethernet Global Data Interface (MVI56-EGD) also allows ControlLogix users to interface with EGD devices.


Legacy DCS Migrations

ProSoft offers in-chassis migration modules that allow your PlantPAx™ system to control your existing Honeywell IPC 620 I/O (CLX-422-IPC), Fisher PROVOX I/O (CLX-PVX), and Moore APACS I/O (CLX-APACS).