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Want to modernize your A-B RIO PLC-5 or SLC processors but downtime and risk are holding you back?

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Downtime, risk shouldn’t stop you from modernizing PLC-5® or SLC™

Industrial automation systems are tough, but at some point like most equipment they do need to be replaced by a more modern setup. That new system is a great prospect – updated technology, and potentially more opportunities for facility-wide communications to make the most of your equipment’s data.

The downside to all of that may surface when you start to wonder just how you’ll be making that switch from a legacy to a modern control system. Programs that needs to be transferred over … production that will cease … testing to make sure your operation has been switched over correctly…

Before you start thinking a less costly option would be to stick it out with your legacy system till the bitter end, you should know that there is a lower-risk alternative to a standard rip-and-replace. By modernizing in phases, you can update your facility on a timeline that works for you and your production needs – and not the other way around.

Using phased modernization solutions, you can:

  • Transfer your original PLC code from your legacy Remote I/O™ or DH+™-based PLC to your new EtherNet/IP™ controller.
  • Retain existing I/O until at least the point where you can ensure that your new control system is in place and working well with the other equipment in your facility.
  • Reduce the amount of downtime typically associated with a rip-and-replace – and the lost profits it would likely lead to.

Curious about the risk factor for each modernization? From doing nothing (uh, we don’t recommend this) to using OpEx dollars to modernize, download this infographic to determine which modernization risk level is best for your operation.